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Why You Should Buy Eton Shirts from Theodore 1922

Remember back in 2007 when Eton was an exclusively known, family owned shirt company that you could only find at a handful of locations WORLDWIDE! Yeah, that's how far they have come in the past decade. I had guys stopping over on flights from Singapore, Iceland, USA etc just to come in and buy Eton shirts from Theodore 1922.

I've dedicated lots of air time and window time to spread the word.

Well, now it seems every guy on the block knows about Eton. And they are available online (this is no secret...if you have any online support of T22, you will be targeted by Eton ads.)

So, now that Eton is just about everywhere, why should you buy Eton shirts from Theodore 1922?


  • No Shipping Fees

  • Complementary Alterations (You're going to need why below)

  • Different Styles

  • Real People Styling You

No Shipping Fees!

You have to spend over $595 to get free shipping from Eton. Clever! The lowest Eton price is $250 so really, you have to buy 3 shirts ($750) in order to get the free shipping.

Do you see ONE shirt you like? Copy and paste the style number and we will order it for you! You can pick your shirt up at the store (pre-altered, of course) and avoid the shipping cost!

Complementary Alterations!

The Eton sleeve is notoriously long. We alter 98% of all Eton shirts because they just look so silly if you don't. If I have left any imprint on you fellas at all, let it be that FIT MATTERS MOST!! If your sleeves are saggy baggy just pack up your things and buy a cemetery plot. Cankles are not sexy and neither are elephant arms.

Same Shirt, Different Style

Maybe there's a collar you don't like on a fabric you DO like. I might have it! I buy a little differently than how they do for the masses. Just ask. Like I said, it's no secret you are being targeted so I won't be offended to find out you browsed their site.

(Same shirt, different collars. Super spread collar via Eton. Regular collar via Theodore 1922)

Real People Styling You

We are a bricks and mortar store. We are trained in fit, fabric and style. We are here to guide and inform you, which is something you can't get from a massive online store.

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