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Custom Made Men's Shirts

No more putting up with shirts that weren't made for your body type. Custom made men's shirts from Theodore 1922 are designed to fit YOU. 

What are the Benefits of a Custom Made Shirt?

Much stronger seams. 22 stitches per inch means your shirts last longer.


More comfortable to move in. A split yoke at the back allows your shirt to move with you. This means you get more comfort doing stuff like bending to lift a heavy case of beer, driving your high performance vehicle, carrying the Stanley Cup around your living room (aka lifting your kids into the car)…you get the idea.

Easy to fasten buttons that don't fall off so easily. Thread shanked buttons means the thread is durably secured, and easy to fasten due to the space the shank makes between the button and the fabric.


Buttons that are much less likely to chip and break. These buttons are pressure-treated and made with crack-resistant bevelling, so they last much longer.​

The bottom line is a shirt that is custom made to fit your body and that lasts much longer than a traditional off the rack shirt.

 Or Call us at 416-850-0175

How Does It Work?

It's really simple: 

1. Come in and choose from over 150 fabric swatches. 

2. We help you decide on the style of cuffs, collar, button, trimmings, the works! 

3. Our expert fitters take your measurements. 

4. Three weeks later you get your custom shirt!

I encourage you to read a little more about the facility where our shirts are created. There are very few clothing manufacturers left in Canada, especially ones of such high quality.

 Or Call us at 416-850-0175

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