Hey, no tears!! This is not a “retail apocalypse” story! We are doing quite well, which is what makes this all the more difficult to announce.

The incentives to stay have been powerful, relentless and tempting.

And yet, it’s time for that great leap into the unknown to create something new. Life is short, and inspiration must be followed!

Much love and thanks to Toronto and most specifically, The Annex for your support over the past 13 years.

It has been an honour being your neighbour, we hope we leave you with fond memories.

Thank you for the shout-outs, the drop-ins, and the purchases you have made over the years.

Our request of you:

Cherish your wardrobe. Buy what you love and then care for it like you plan
on owning it for the
rest of your life.

Buy clothing like we aspire to buy food: as locally as possible with good all natural resources that feel great on the body.

Look good to feel good. Be kind while doing so.

Last day to buy is May 25th, 2019.

Xoxo, Team T22.

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