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Canadian Black Friday Thoughts

It's tempting during the madness of Black Friday (and Boxing Day) to discard your slightly worn clothes. Clothing should not end up so frequently in land fill! So here are a few tips from Theodore 1922 to help extend the life of the pieces you cherish.

1. Buy clothing that will last! Do your research and buy from a reputable company who employs an experienced tailer you can trust. Avoid "disposable" pieces just because they are on sale. Build your wardrobe with pieces you will enjoy for years.

2. Mend your clothing! You wouldn't expect your car to last a decade without maintenance and it's irrational to expect it from your clothing. For this reason, I offer two years of free mending on ALL T22 clothing. You're clothes can shrink (or grow) with you, and a small hole or missing button doesn't mean you have to toss the cherished piece. Even if it’s beyond 2 years, the price to mend is nominal compared with replacing; and after we have mended and refreshed your wardrobe you'll get that “just been shopping” thrill.

3. Build on what you already own! If you have a piece of clothing you love but it doesn’t really go with anything, bring it in! We’ll help find a good match and voila, new outfit!

4. Buy a clothing brush! We now stock KENT Clothing Brushes (made in England). Keep your clothes looking fresh and new with a Kent clothing brush ($45-$85). Gently remove hair, fluff and dust without damaging the fabric. This compact brush will easily fit into your luggage so you’ll always look immaculate on your travels, whether for business or pleasure.

5. Buy wool dryer balls!

They speed up dryer time (but you better not be putting dress shirts and jeans in the dryer!!!) and they reduce static! They are made from a renewable resource (um, wool) and you can say goodbye to disposable toxic dryer sheets.

6. Check your shoes for damage or wear! Take them into a cobbler to refresh the heels and soles. It goes without saying that the shoes you buy should last you for a good 15-20 years. Maintenance is key!

7. Don’t go the the mall! Don’t go to chains! BUY CANADIAN!! There’s a whole ton of well made Canadian clothing you can seek out. At T22 I buy as much "Made in Canada" as possible. This is not just a fad or passing fancy. When we buy Canadian we help maintain jobs for our fellow Canadians and we cut down on the carbon footprint that shipments from overseas create. Finally, when you support time honoured Canadian companies like Samuelsohn, Dion, Stolen Riches and Bright Black you are buying the worlds top quality clothing.

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