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How Does a Man Wear a Damn Scarf?

Maybe you aren't born with European blood coursing through your veins. Maybe you want to rock a scarf but the concept is overwhelming. Well, here are some tips:

You gotta feel it.

There are some guys who get squeamish putting on anything longer than a grandpa muffler (not that there's anything wrong with that!). But if you already wear a winter scarf with confidence now is the time of year to experiment with lighter weight, TRANSITIONAL scarves.

Did you know you can wear your scarf WITHOUT an overcoat? Yup. And it's so mainstream no one will even ask you about the latest backsplash trends!

Do I have to grow a beard?!!?

This is a good question. I'm not sure if the scarf causes beards to grow or the beard inspires scarves to be worn but they do seem to go together like peanut butter and chocolate. When I find a group of scarf wearing men who are BEARDLESS I will let you know.

Wait, wait, I found one!! Although, he is so angry. Who is on the other end of that cell phone?! Try not to be this angry when wearing your new scarf. The scarf cannot be expected to do all your charisma work for you.

Great use of the floral scarf! It doesn't match the coat perfectly matchy matchy style, which is fine. It's in the same palette which is good. Note: if you are new to scarves, stay clear of this gloves-in-breast-pocket situation. Those'r some next level skills at work. The goal is to look casual, not precious.

This guy (above) and the next are master scarf wearers. They complement the outfits but also stand apart from them. The scarf is the lede. It may even lure an interested party into a conversation! Score!!

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